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We appreciate your interest in applying for a Groupon Grassroots campaign. However, due to overwhelming demand and program restructuring, we will not be taking new applications for 2016 campaigns. We will contact organizations we hope to partner with in the coming year. Thank you for understanding.

Planting the Seed – Is Grassroots a Fit for You?

What We Look For in a Campaign

Grassroots campaigns inspire local citizens to support a project that spurs measurable social change. Here is what we look for:

  • A variety of causes in different issue areas
  • Project-specific campaign ideas, rather than general fundraising or tickets to an annual event
  • Compelling projects with the potential to motivate and inspire the average gal or guy on the street
  • Projects that address a genuine community need backed by research or media content
  • Generates measurable local impact in the communities of our customers
  • The ability to be funded by a single campaign, as large-scale and long-term projects are unlikely to succeed
  • No “fund my life” projects, such as paying an individual’s tanning bed subscription

What We Look For in a Community Partner

Grassroots features three types of community partners:

  • Nonprofit Organizations with street cred that can present proof of charitable status.

    Some questions to consider:

    • How can your project make an impact?
    • Can you provide proof of the need for your campaign?
  • Social Ventures whose business objectives are inextricably linked to social missions.

    Some questions to consider:

    • Can you discount your product?
    • Do you have enough available product to meet your feature’s demand?
    • Is your impact on the community you’re supporting measurable?
  • Individual Community Organizers with a passion for improving their community. Whether a single individual or small group of people, community organizers must provide references and evidence that they are authorized to implement their project.

    Some questions to consider:

    • What impact will your project have on your cause?
    • Can you provide proof of the need for your campaign?
    • Can you provide references?
    • Do you have the paperwork to legally begin your project?

In addition to the above requirements, all partnering organizations must be able to outline their project, define its goals, and demonstrate an existing web presence—on Facebook or their own website—that allows customers to research the organization before supporting a campaign.

What’s In it For You?

Groupon Grassroots helps coordinate your campaign from beginning to end. Once you’ve identified a compelling project, a Groupon Grassroots Campaign Organizer will coach you through building and launching your campaign. Throughout the process, we’ll provide you with the following resources:

  • A creative campaign write-up crafted by our dedicated team of Groupon Grassroots writers
  • A step-by-step promotions and public relations guide to marketing your campaign
  • Phone consultations to discuss the best campaign strategies for your organization
  • Access to the Groupon Merchant Center, where you can monitor campaign performance and analyze demographics
  • A check issued to your organization for 100% of donations received (Groupon absorbs all credit card fees)
  • Post-campaign communications guidance so you can build on your success and establish a long-term relationship with your supporters

Sound Like You? Here’s What You’ll Need to Apply

  1. One dedicated point person to manage the campaign with the Groupon Grassroots team.
  2. The ability to meet our eligibility and project criteria requirements found under “What we Look for in a Community Partner” above.
  3. A compelling project idea (or several) that will benefit your community. The project must be activated within a year and must be achievable within $500 to $1,000. The project must have a measurable impact that is reported back to supporters following your Grassroots feature.
  4. A website, Facebook page, or other web presence made possible by Al Gore.

Got it – I’m ready to apply!