Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! Partnering with Groupon Grassroots and being featured on the Groupon site is provided to our community partners at no cost.

What’s in it for me?

Tapping into the Groupon platform can be an invaluable experience for any nonprofit or mission-driven organization. The Groupon Grassroots Campaign Organizers will help you develop a compelling campaign that will be articulately crafted by our brilliant editorial staff and then trumpeted on the Groupon site to our loyal subscriber base. In addition to the fundraising component, our platform, our expert staff, and our subscriber base provide all the assets needed to give your cause immense exposure.

Does Groupon take a percentage of the donations?

Never. Since its inception as G-Team in 2010, our non-profit arm has raised millions for local and national causes, with 100% of all funds raised directly flowing to the defined organizations. Groupon even absorbs all credit card transaction fees incurred in the process.

What is the “tipping point”?

Developed in The Point’s nascence, the tipping point is the stage when the projected goals of the campaign can be realized. If this value is not reached, the campaign does not raise any funds for the featured organization and no one’s credit card is charged.

Why should I donate through Groupon Grassroots and not give directly to the organization?

Groupon Grassroots campaigns always have a project-specific goal and create a sense of urgency for the donor. Whether it is a matching donor specific to the campaign, an enticing registration incentive, or a particular project or program that you have an affinity for, Grassroots campaigns generate energy and excitement around the featured cause that isn’t normally available.

How do I know my donation is going to the organization/specific project I supported?

As mentioned, Groupon automatically sends 100% of all donations collected directly to the featured organization. We hope donors follow up with the organization and become a regular supporter but you can always track the progress of the particular campaign you helped fund by checking the organization’s impact page.

What does ‘project-specific’ mean?

This refers to a particular project, program, or unique event within the overall operations of your organization. We do not run general fundraising campaigns that contribute to the operating budget nor do we sell tickets to galas, races, or silent auctions. “We want to raise $2,000 to buy seeds, equipment, and soil to change an empty lot into a community garden” is project specific. Check out past campaigns for more examples.

How is the campaign write-up crafted?

Comprised of creative and passionate writers, the editorial staff at Groupon crafts all of the language for the campaign based on the information submitted by the organization. We have a team of writers specific to Grassroots that are very partial to the sensitive topics and causes we encounter.

What types of campaigns are highlighted?

Grassroots designs project-specific fundraising campaigns partnering with nonprofits, community organizations, individual social entrepreneurs, and social ventures.

How early should I apply to be featured?

Now! Applying as early as possible will help with flexibility of scheduling your campaign.

How does Groupon choose the featured campaign?

The Grassroots staff has developed a particular set of guidelines to help identify the most compelling campaigns to feature. Please see our How It Works page for further reference.

Are donations tax-deductible?

If the featured organization is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, the amount you donated (not counting any matching funds) may be tax deductible. After making the donation on Groupon, donors will need to register their donation with the featured organization and consult a tax professional.

Am I eligible to be featured?

Grassroots loves hearing about all sorts of causes and organizations, but we do have some eligibility guidelines. Please consult our eligibility guide to see if you are eligible.

What are the issues/causes that you feature?

We feature a wide range of issues and causes that range from urban renewal and the environment all the way to human rights and women’s issues. Here is a list of issues we feature:

How do I work at Groupon Grassroots?

Please visit the Groupon Jobs page to see if any positions are open.