Emergency Shelter Provided to Individuals In Need - 07/11/12

The following post is a project update from Jessica Schultz, Campaign Organizer for the Midwest, and the South Oakland Shelter Grassroots campaign that raised $1,600 to provide shelter to displaced individuals.

Lathrup Village, Michigan, South Oakland Shelter’s (SOS) mission is to reduce the impact and prevalence of homelessness in Southeastern Michigan. SOS accomplishes its mission through the provision of emergency shelter in conjunction with a wide array of supportive services and programs designed to assist clients as they strive toward self-sufficiency.

The financial resources available to support the operation of the emergency-shelter program are ever shrinking. The funds raised through this Groupon went directly to supporting emergency shelter, which is critical to the success of the program.  The campaign raised enough money to cover a week stay in the shelter for 15 people.  Funds benefit all the men, women, and children housed at South Oakland Shelter.

Thank you everyone who helped contribute to the campaign so SOS can continue to provide emergency shelter to individuals in need in Oakland County, Michigan.

To get involved or learn more about SOS, contact SOS at and connect with them on Facebook!

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