Follow up to HOLA-Girls on the Run Campaign - 07/23/12

The following post is a project update from Nick Gauna, Campaign Organizer for the West Coast and Pacific Northwest, and the Heart of Los Angeles Grassroots campaign that raised $1,260  to provide participation to Girls on the Run for LA-area girls.

It was a pleasure learning about all the incredible work Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) conducts in the Los Angeles community and after running a campaign with HOLA, I have an even greater understanding of their true impact. When Lee, communications director at HOLA, applied to partner with Grassroots and mentioned working with Girls on the Run, I knew this was going to be a great campaign, as Grassroots is no stranger to Girls on the Run, having run campaigns with it in the past.

The campaign with HOLA raised just more than $1,200 in early May, and Lee passed on a report she posted on the HOLA website. Please visit the post by clicking here and check out all the great photos!

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