Blankets Delivered at New Vista! - 04/25/13

The following post is a project update from Nick Gauna, Campaign Organizer for all campaigns West of the Mississippi River, and the New Vista Grassroots campaign that raised $1,540 to purchase new weighted blankets for clients with autism.

Las Vegas – When I first read the application from New Vista and saw the proposal for getting weighted blankets, I was initially skeptical, but I saw some good potential with this organization.

After hopping on a call with Michelle, the director of development at New Vista, I fully understood the importance of these particular blankets and was confident that our editorial staff could convey the same sentiment. The Groupon Grassroots campaign was fantastic and almost quadrupled the goal, capping out at $1,540. Michelle followed up with this recap and a bunch of great photos:


Due to the needs of people with autism, the weighted blankets provide extra physical pressure and support that give additional comfort and support. These young men are able to use the blankets to help with falling asleep and as a calming resource. As you can see from the happy faces, the blankets also help to improve their overall well-being as well. These blankets are just one of the tools that support improved lifestyles and teaching tools that help individuals with autism work towards having more freedom in their lives.


















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