Trees Planted in Grande Colline, Haiti - 06/07/12

The following post is a project update from Nick Gauna, Campaign Organizer for the West Coast and Pacific Northwest, and the Plant With Purpose Grassroots campaign that raised $3,990 for re-forrestation efforts in Grande Colline, Haiti.

Out in the Fields

San Diego – Jimmy, development associate with Plant With Purpose, passed along this encouraging note with a nice update on the progress since our Earth Day campaign:

Our staff travelled to Grand Colline recently and initiated/participated in various tree planting projects with the local community. This was thanks in part to the funds raised through the Groupon campaign, which will go towards planting over 4,000 trees in the area to protect vulnerable hillside, restore watersheds, and stop soil erosion.

As a result of these interventions, the health of farmlands will be restored, soil nutrition will be improved, and crop yields will be multiplied, leading to improved health of families and increased income levels. In fact, our recent 2011 Impact Evaluation has shown that communities partnering with Plant With Purpose have four times as much savings than non-partnering communities and partnering communities have 50% less incidence of waterborne diseases.


Below I’ve attached some photos of the tree planting project in Grand Colline.


Sprouting Plants

Planting More Trees


We will check in several months down the line to see these beautiful trees taking root!

Also, stay tuned for an update on the film screening that Plant With Purpose will hold for the Groupon subscribers who registered with the organization.

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