Skate Bowl Painted and Hilltop Park Beautified - 07/23/12

The following post is a project update from Nick Gauna, Campaign Organizer for the West Coast and Pacific Northwest, and the Habitat For Humanity Greater San Francisco Grassroots campaign that raised $1,536 for re-painting the skate bowl at Hilltop Park.

San Francisco – This past March, I traveled to the Bay Area to visit a friend and meet with several community partners. One of my stops was at the Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco office and Hilltop Park, the site for its next community initiative. Jamin and David, development officers whom I had been working with prior to the visit, kindly took me on a tour of the park and described the transformation they envisioned for it. It took all of five minutes before we came up with a great campaign idea, identifying the skate bowl as our main project.

Old Skate Bowl

Fast forward a few months and our campaign successfully raised more than $1,500, and Jamin, David, and hundreds of volunteers revamped and beautified Hilltop Park. It is really incredible to see the transformation of this gorgeous park, now providing a safe, spacious, and beautiful area for residents in the community to use.

Jamin passed on some photos that show the park before revamp efforts (above), during the volunteer days, and the hard-earned results (below):

Skate Bowl Painting

Skate Bowl After

An Update from Developmental Officer Jamin, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco:

Below is our impact report for our campaign Paint the Skate Bowl at Hilltop Park:
**Total Dollars Raised**
o $1,536 from 106 donors

**Total Volunteers**
o 184 over 6 days

**Completed Projects**
o Skate Bowl: primed and painted
§ **Outcome:** Improved appearance and increased usage by skateboarders through the elimination of graffiti and patching multiple cracks in concrete.

o Picnic Tables: primed and painted
§ **Outcome:** 19 tables and chair groupings were painted.

o Park Cleanup:
§ **Outcome:** The visibility of park playspaces from the street was substantially improved as a result of the removal of under-brush. This also resulted in increased safety for all park users.


Here are some additional photos of other parts of the park that were beautified:

Clean Up Crew

Picnic Tables

Painting Picnic Tables






What a beautiful park!

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