Project Update from Fort Wayne Ballet - 05/03/13

The following post is a project update from Jessica Schultz and the Fort Wayne Ballet Grassroots campaign that raised $1,112 to host youth at a dance performance.

Indianapolis – With the financial support of Groupon Grassroots, Fort Wayne Ballet continues to present Northeast Indiana with quality artistic and educational experiences while increasing the accessibility of our art to new audiences. By collaborating with area educators, Fort Wayne Ballet is committed to increasing the accessibility of arts education to today’s youth—an often underserved audience due to the ever-increasing budget cuts in today’s educational system.

Since our grant request, Fort Wayne Ballet has successfully concluded our main-stage performance season. Our in-theater presentations included the annual holiday tradition of The Nutcracker and the spring story ballet of Cinderella. More than 2,700 individuals attended these performances. In an effort to expand our community impact and fulfill our agreement with Groupon Grassroots, Fort Wayne Ballet offered complimentary tickets to 278 individuals, including students at Title I schools and residents at Easter Seals Arc.

Prior to the performance, Fort Wayne Ballet dancers involved in the presentation of in-theater docent stations observed that participating children of all age groups were intrigued and engaged by the presentations, as evident by the children’s physical behavior and body language. Children actively participated by asking questions relating to the display of pointe shoes, tutus, and ballet movements, as well as about the dancers’ personal dancing careers and obstacles occurred along the way. In addition to the in-theater docent stations, abbreviated performances and post-performance question-and-answer sessions with the artists, in each of these programs, Fort Wayne Ballet incorporates docent materials. These complementary, cross-curricular materials present teachers and educators with the opportunity to further engage with students before and even after our dances have exited the classrooms, by inspiring classroom discussions or lesson plans to link the children’s art experience with their classroom academics.

Thank you once again for Groupon Grassroots’s support in our efforts to increase the accessibility of quality arts education to our children in the communities of Northeast Indiana.

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