Testimonial from Little Wishes Program - 07/17/12

The following post is a project update from Nick Gauna, Campaign Organizer for the West Coast and Pacific Northwest , and the Treehouse Grassroots campaign that raised $2,016 for foster youth in the Little Wishes Program.

When tasked with showcasing the impact of a project, it is often hard to quantify the emotional impact a simple physical activity may have on a child. Luckily, Lindsay, development coordinator at Treehouse, has done that for me. Here is lovely anecdote she passed along that highlights Thomas, one of the recipients from the Little Wishes program:

“Because of the Groupon Grassroots campaign, Treehouse has been able to support the ongoing extracurricular activities of 28 youths in foster care for one month. While the impact of these simple and fun activities can seem small, for foster kids these activities can make the difference between surviving and thriving. We would like to share the following story from a foster caregiver:

Thomas is involved in both baseball and bowling, staying very busy and motivated. Treehouse’s Little Wishes program has been paying for his bowling consistently since October 2009. Thomas has become an excellent bowler and takes the sport very seriously. He competed in numerous tournaments. We are most excited to share that although Thomas is only in the 10th grade, he has already been receiving scholarships for college from the US Junior Bowling Association. US Junior Bowling awards scholarships to a trust fund for young bowlers to be used at the college they attend. Thomas already had $400 in this scholarship fund, and plans to continue accepting more as he pursues his bowling.

Not only has Thomas found a sport that he can be passionate about, but he can now leverage his skill into paving the road toward college. Only 3% of youth that were in foster care graduate with a four-year degree, so every little bit, every leg up, and every Little Wish counts. Thank you to the Groupon Grassroots community for giving Thomas and 27 youths like him the chance to have a childhood and a future.”


Thanks for passing on the lovely story, Lindsay!

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