New Equipment Delivered to Rancho Cielo! - 04/25/13

The following post is a project update from Nick Gauna, Campaign Organizer for all organizations West of the Mississippi River, and the Rancho Cielo Grassroots campaign that raised $970 to purchase a new Vita-Prep 3 mixer for the students on campus.

vistage dinner
Santa Cruz - Throughout the entire process of designing this Groupon Grassroots campaign, I very much enjoyed learning about the great work that Rancho Cielo Youth Campus does with at-risk youth.

The campaign we designed centered on further developing their kitchen so the chefs-in-training could use it as professional tool. We ended up doubling the goal of $490. Here is what Cecilia, development director at Rancho Cielo, passed on:

“The overwhelming support from Groupon donors allowed Rancho Cielo to purchase a Vita-Prep 3 mixer. This one piece of equipment has drastically increased the learning opportunities for our culinary students and has added many new menu items to their curriculum. From potato, mushroom, and carrot soup to making their own salad dressing, our students are extremely excited! We are very grateful to the Groupon Grassroots community and hope that you all can join us for dinner one of these Friday nights. This campaign was testament that our community cares about our youth and is committed to working together to ensure their success. Thank you!”


vita mix picture2

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