Script-to-Stage Program for 2 Schools - 07/23/12

The following post is a project update from Nick Gauna, Campaign Organizer for the West Coast and Pacific Northwest, and the Young Storytellers Foundation Grassroots campaign that raised $11,451 for the Script-to-Stage Program.

When I received the application from The Young Storytellers Foundation and read about the Script-to-Stage Program, I was very excited to chat with Jason, associate director at YSF. After creating terms and designing a fabulous campaign, an opportunity arose to have a Grassroots campaign be featured when Groupon showcased Movie Award Season deals, and I pined to have YSF as the featured organization.

The campaign had an astonishing performance, raising just more than $11,000. Jason got back to me with a post campaign report from this great partnership:

“In February of 2012, YSF launched a charitable giving campaign on the Groupon website with the goal of raising enough money to fund our Script-to-Stage Program in one elementary school for a semester. The program brings volunteer mentors into schools for a nine-week program in dramatic writing.


By weeks end, we had raised enough money to deliver the program to two schools for a full year, far exceeding our wildest expectations.

The money raised in this campaign will give fifth grade students at Edison Language Academy and Wilshire Crest Elementary School a scholarship to the program. Both are public schools designated Title 1, meaning that a large majority of students receive free lunch (a major economic indicator). The school’s diverse student populations are, due to this and other socio-economic indicators, in the category of ‘at-risk’ in educational terms. Arts education programs have been deemed especially effective in serving students in these populations.

The Final Product!

Forty students will participate in the nine-week program over the 2012–2013 school year, gaining important language arts skills, writing and re-writing their own scripts, and finally seeing their works performed by professional actors as a direct result of the YSF/Groupon Campaign.”


Thanks for the update, Jason!

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