Comforters For Kids- How Child Crisis Center Fundraised 1,790% More Than Their Goal - 05/21/12

The following was submitted by Jodi Stoken, Director of Development, at Child Crisis Center in Mesa, Arizona.

Recently, we ran a Grassroots campaign that let users buy a $10 Groupon to help purchase comforters for the children at our shelter. With every four donations, we were able to buy one new comforter set. Our goal was to raise enough for 10 comforter sets, and we were astounded when the campaign took off right from the beginning.

We started out by strategically sending the Groupon link to small groups, such as our Board of Directors and employees. Then, to maintain engagement, we spread the news to our social networks and email lists during low points in the week long campaign. We didn’t overwhelm anyone, but sent out communications at targeted times to boost the campaign’s momentum. Additionally, for each email, we use (more…)

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