About Us


What is Groupon Grassroots? A new way to discover local causes, rally together, and lend a helping hand

The Origins of Groupon Grassroots

Long, long ago (2008), Groupon was born out of a group action and fundraising platform called The Point. As the Groupon community grew, our collective consumer power helped people get great deals and discover fun ways to experience their cities.

After a desert vision quest where we invoked our ancestral spirits, we are repossessed with The Point’s powers. Newly inspired, we’ve devised a way to connect Groupon users with their communities in a different way—with a program called G-Team. Groupon followers who want to do good, have fun, and make a real impact could join forces through these campaigns.

The G-Team project was a success and in April, 2012 G-Team relaunched as Groupon Grassroots, a fully integrated part of the Groupon family. Every Groupon Grassroots campaign connects you with enough people to achieve something awesome that you couldn’t have done alone.

Groupon donates 100% of amounts received through its Grassroots promotions to the designated charity or program.  Groupon funds all the cost of operating the Grassroots program.

What Our Community Partners Say

“This partnership with Groupon has been one of the easiest I have ever had the pleasure of executing and the best thing is that 800 more schools in the fall will have safe spaces for LGBT students.” – GLSEN

“Groupon put the fun in fundraising! There was a buzz amongst our constituents to pass the word along about this event to raise funds for Camp. As the featured charity on Groupon, our cause was shown to a very large audience, so the public relations effect can never really be determined. Thanks for helping us get the word out AND providing financial support.” – Camp John Marc

“We were THRILLED with the outcome of our Groupon campaign! It was more successful than we could have imagined – we blasted our goal right out of the water. The donations came from a great mix of current and brand new supporters, which is an awesome opportunity for us. Because of this campaign, nearly 150 Pennsylvania schoolchildren will have breakfast for a week.” – Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

“With your help and support we were able to raise $1,300! The really cool thing is that we are going to be able to continue our monthly volunteer events, and provide over 750 hours of community service to central Texas organizations in need!” – Positive Footprint

“Groupon has the sincere thanks of Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP) for inviting LAUP to participate in the recent G-Team Campaign to raise funds for playground balls. All of us are delighted that 2,090 people participated, which exceeded our goal by 318 percent!” – Los Angeles Universal Preschool

“Our partnership with Groupon seemed like an especially perfect marriage because both of our sites are rooted in the power of the collective. This is an incredible opportunity to use a retail model to make charity unbelievably accessible to thousands more people.” –