A Chicago Middle-School Student Talks About Her Groupon Apprenticeship

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heaven and DanielleFor the past two months, I have had the pleasure of leading a workplace apprenticeship for Chicago middle-school student, Heaven M. Heaven and I were matched together through the Spark program, a workplace mentorship program that aims to decrease the dropout rate for low-income students by showcasing future career paths through apprenticeships. I was chosen as Heaven’s mentor because Heaven loves to write, and as the Communications Specialist for the Groupon Grassroots team, I fit the bill. As one of her projects, Heaven wrote the blog post below about her various apprenticeships in the Spark program and her time at Groupon:



What’s does your dream job include? Mine includes working in a fun office or a fun store, and being surrounded by delightful co-workers that make you feel right at home and actually make you want to go to work. I’ve had several chances to work in places like my dream job, including Isle of Man, Coyote Logistics, and Groupon. At these apprenticeships I have done fashion and merchandise, human services, and communications.

heaven grouponAt Groupon, I was able to work with Danielle Carlson, a communication specialist. This is her first year as a Spark mentor. What she likes most about being a mentor is getting to know me. She was very impressed by how focused I was in what we were working on.

I enjoyed walking around the office I worked in, meeting new people, and learning about their jobs. I also really enjoyed working and planning in the “Enchanted Forest” and playing (and losing) foosball with Danielle!

At my first two apprenticeships I learned what it takes to sell antiques and I also learned about philanthropy. Over the last two months, I have learned how to write a one-pager and a blog post (which would happen to be the one you’re reading!). Danielle and I have done a lot of planning, when it came to getting everything in order and making sure we’d have enough time. Also she gave me a lot of writing tips and skills. All of the things I’ve learned from all three of my apprenticeships have helped me when it comes to student council, to high school applications, and to college plans.

So to summarize my experience in Spark, here are the top five things I’ve learned:

  • I can never beat Danielle in foosball
  • There is a path to get to my dream job
  • Hard-Work and Dedication are essential skills you need to make it far
  • You have to put in effort and be committed to produce great writing
  • There’s something special about the ice at Coyote Logistics


Spark facilitates workplace apprenticeships in cities around the country, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. For more information on the Spark program and how to volunteer with a student like Heaven, please visit Spark’s website



  1. This is wonderful blog piece! Thanks for posting such a great piece about your experience with Spark, Heaven. Spark is honored to be working with awesome students like you and awesome mentors like Danielle at Groupon. I look forward to seeing you both at Discovery Night tonight!

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