Comforters For Kids- How Child Crisis Center Fundraised 1,790% More Than Their Goal

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The following was submitted by Jodi Stoken, Director of Development, at Child Crisis Center in Mesa, Arizona.

Recently, we ran a Grassroots campaign that let users buy a $10 Groupon to help purchase comforters for the children at our shelter. With every four donations, we were able to buy one new comforter set. Our goal was to raise enough for 10 comforter sets, and we were astounded when the campaign took off right from the beginning.

We started out by strategically sending the Groupon link to small groups, such as our Board of Directors and employees. Then, to maintain engagement, we spread the news to our social networks and email lists during low points in the week long campaign. We didn’t overwhelm anyone, but sent out communications at targeted times to boost the campaign’s momentum. Additionally, for each email, we used a different attention-grabbing subject line such as, “Help us get to 500.”

So, what were the results? We hit our tipping point the first thing Monday morning and the good news only continued from there. By the end of the campaign, we were able to purchase comforter sets for each of our 42 beds with enough leftover for linens, as well as 12 new mattresses and mattress pads. We raised $7,160, which is 1,790% more than our original goal.

In short, it was more successful than we could have ever imagined.

As we went through the campaign process, we noticed a few things that we think contributed to this overwhelming accomplishment:


We loved how straightforward the campaign was. Attention spans are short with the world moving as fast as it does, but our campaign was easily digestible—allowing users to quickly understand our need and buy into the cause immediately.

Touching Story

We titled our campaign, “Comforters for Kids,” and there‘s just something about the word comfort that resonates with people. Our goal at the shelter is to make sure kids are comforted while they’re with us, and the campaign made donors feel like a part of that goal by giving them a chance to directly impact the life of a child.

Touching Image

The image designers on Groupon’s editorial team picked the perfect picture to depict our story. The image of the young child grabbed you as soon as you opened your email and surely made an impact on those who chose to donate.

Audience Engagement

Not only did Grassroots encourage existing supporters to buy into our cause, it also attracted their social networks as well as Groupon’s own subscribers. We noticed early on that the demographics of Groupon users are quite similar to those of our target audience.

We’re positive that the above factors helped our campaign immediately surpass the tipping point and achieve its success. We are especially grateful for the support of the Groupon Grassroots team, who worked with us the whole time to find the best ways to position and promote our campaign.

Our Residential Shelter Manager was beside herself when she heard about how well the campaign performed. She asked, “Do I really get to buy all of this and spend all this money?” In our world, we rarely have the funds to replace needed items and freshen up the “house” all at once, so this truly was a monumental event for our shelter.

You can learn more about Child Crisis Center here. Look for more posts about what subscribers helped provide children at Child Crisis Center in the coming months.


View the Comforters for Children in Crisis campaign.

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